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    »$»$»To The New Members «$«$«

    Blue Eyed Terror
    Blue Eyed Terror
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    »$»$»To The New Members «$«$« Empty »$»$»To The New Members «$«$«

    Post  Blue Eyed Terror on Wed 13 May - 20:05:41

    First of all; WELCOME!

    the clanrules are on this site so i dont need to mention it again...

    MAKE SURE YOU ADD ALL OF OUR MEMBER MEMBERLIST (click) AS FRIEND ON PSN (PlayStationNetwork) most of these names are also the psn account.

    second of all, always listnen to the higher ranked, they're not for no reason higher ranked. They can help you.

    also use this forum regulairly for better performents and ranks.

    and I like to see a PrivateMessage in here with a list of persons you can not connect to, I will file it all and post a list of party starters.

    TEAMWORK IS A MUST, practise alot with your clanmates and show the world some sh!t.

    but in the end its still a game so keep it nice.

    thank you,
    Blue Eyed Terror

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