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***Our Sacrid Golden Rules*** Empty



    ***Our Sacrid Golden Rules***

    \CIC\ Yora_Sassin
    \CIC\ Yora_Sassin

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    ***Our Sacrid Golden Rules*** Empty ***Our Sacrid Golden Rules***

    Post  \CIC\ Yora_Sassin on Thu 22 Jan - 23:19:53

    OUR S.G.R.

    You Must be Kewl with all of us and others.

    Be some what good to help the clans reputation.

    Represent your Clan Tags at all times. ** If you remove your tags you many be dismissed from the clan**

    Respect everyone,,,, but you still have the right to get mad. LOL...

    But remember... show respect to each other and others as well. ** I dislike cocky people**


    If we Lose.. we lose with honer and with our heads held high... simple because we did not cheat.

    Do not start fight with other people.. We don't want to look like a Clan of Jerks like some other clans ( kkk ) n many others No

    Fallow this rules and you can be respected among our Ranks. **Fail to do so and you may get kicked out of our Clan**

    No one is allow to Recruit a new member only suggest or Petition for "Try Outs" You know a Test Trial
    ***Only my Commanding Officers can Admit new Members without a Try Out.
    ***EvilEvoked, & Vato_Loco89***
    * It is your Responsibility to Add your New Brother to your Friends list...
    Don't know who they are??? Go to Our Official Clan site and click on Our Members to add them all........
    Respect, honor, and the duty to still kick ass. while having a good clean fun. that's our Goal... Make good friends on the way.... Razz


    You Belong to the \VL\ and The /VL/ Belongs to You

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