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    Glitching Rules

    \CIC\ Yora_Sassin
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    Glitching Rules Empty Glitching Rules

    Post  \CIC\ Yora_Sassin on Thu 22 Jan - 22:51:46

    There has been lots of arguments about what is consider glitching and what is not.

    I'm going to make it as simple as posible to understand.

    1) going under the maps is glitching
    2) Being inside a spot that is solid and you can still shoot from is glitching ( that cover you entirely )
    3) Being in a spot that no one can see you, not even if they are in front of you. ( like saying inside a wall or rock or other hard thing that you can look out but cant not be seen in,
    4) Being in a spot that you can kill from BUT enemies can not kill you from. ( like a wall or a rock or whatever you can shoot from but not been able to be shot.
    5) Fly/flow in mid air... ahh CHEATING!!
    Anything that gives you the advantage is not right...

    I believe its ok if you can clime on some walls because everyone with skills can,,,, Simple... if a normal human can do it,,, so can a gamer.
    If a human can do it so can a character. But if it takes for someone to flout to the spot, than no. Its cheating.... Simply because a human can't do that in real life.
    any questions ask me. If you don't like my rules, you can kiss the fattest part of my ass and leave the clan... This are my rules and that's FINAL....
    You Break them... You are OUT!

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