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    Capture the FAG Empty Capture the FAG

    Post  Guest on Wed 1 Apr - 13:39:01

    Little play on words. Anyway, I dont know why I just thought of this, but it could seal a pretty quick win. We dont play this very often, but consider this tactic:

    If one of us is bringing back the enemy's flag to score, we need to send two guys to their flag position immediately.

    As soon as we bring ours back, their's replaces itself. If we are there to get it instantly, we simply repeat the process. I only say send two guys, to offer gunfire support, and maybe one in between the two flags to do the same.

    This SOUNDS easy enough, doesn't it?

    Let me know.

    \CIC\ Yora_Sassin
    \CIC\ Yora_Sassin

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    Capture the FAG Empty Re: Capture the FAG

    Post  \CIC\ Yora_Sassin on Wed 1 Apr - 13:50:43

    between Puff n I we always try to do that,,,,,, and for the post past we are the once that bring the flag most,. I think

    I'm a snake in the grass... as soon as i get a chance I stay by the enemy lines,,, not shooting nor trying to kill but to sneak around them n take it away as soon as the flag goes back to the spot.

    every time this happens they lose control n most try to go for the flag to even the score
    thats when my snake instinct hits n grabs n runs back to the shadows

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    Capture the FAG Empty Re: Capture the FAG

    Post  Guest on Wed 1 Apr - 17:17:01

    yea id have to agree. i love to run n gun, thats my thing mostly. and usually capture the fag i like to use either my thompson or my stg with flash hider n double tap, that way i can shoot em down quick n keep runnin for the flag. but if the flags already taken then yes usually ill like to sit back n wait for it to return. but the one thing i think we do have to work on is the support. ive noticed to that sometimes if u notice them keeping to one side, a couple should stay there to draw em to that side whilst the capturers keep stayin on the opposite side n take out any forth comming opposers. i do rather enjoy capture the fag and wouldnt mind playin it more, decent points, numerous kills. i like it.

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    Capture the FAG Empty Re: Capture the FAG

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