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    Do You Guys Think I am Girly?



    Do You Guys Think I am Girly?

    Post  Guest on Tue 31 Mar - 17:31:20

    Alright here goes,

    I have prestiged twice now, and have been maxed out at 65 for about a week. I would like to advance my recognition and Prestige again, but am fearful of poor performance.

    Intially I wanted to finish all the challenges, which I am close in doing, but now I am thinking I dont want to start over again. I finally have all my weapons, and feel like maybe its to much work to start over. Is this stupid? Should I continue on, knowing that I am happy with how far I have come...or do I have to show everyone else that as well? Is prestige vanity? I am not trying to take away from everyone else's work, but deep down don't we do it for others to see?

    Is it the feeling of the clan that I should abandon my challenges that are left and Prestige, or does it have no bearing on my performance or status?

    Ill ask again...do you guys think I am girly for not Prestiging?



    Re: Do You Guys Think I am Girly?

    Post  Guest on Tue 31 Mar - 22:10:32

    no man i dont think that makes you girly.

    to be honest i really dont know why i even went up to my tenth prestige. it does look cool but honestly it really doesnt mean much, just that i played alot. honestly with modern warfare 2, when i create a new murder ID i will prolly prestige once n stay at 65 to keep all my weapons n upgrades.

    so my word is, stay if you want to keep ur weapons, atleast then ull be able to murder sufficiently instead of goin threw all that bullshit all over again...i know every time i prestiged it pissed me off to start over with all the beginning weapons....

    no girly girl there.
    \CIC\ Yora_Sassin

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    Re: Do You Guys Think I am Girly?

    Post  \CIC\ Yora_Sassin on Tue 31 Mar - 23:51:21

    I will never! want to do that again
    To long to much pain in the ass...... never again not worth it

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    Blue Eyed Terror
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    \VL\ General of The Overseas

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    Re: Do You Guys Think I am Girly?

    Post  Blue Eyed Terror on Thu 23 Apr - 2:04:53

    im sorry but...: am i girly when i dont prestige is the same as ; does my butt look big in these pants???

    so , YEA you kinda girly now Razz

    nah just joking!

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    Re: Do You Guys Think I am Girly?

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