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So The -=VL=- Brothers are Back! Empty



    So The -=VL=- Brothers are Back!

    \CIC\ Yora_Sassin
    \CIC\ Yora_Sassin

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    So The -=VL=- Brothers are Back! Empty So The -=VL=- Brothers are Back!

    Post  \CIC\ Yora_Sassin on Tue 31 Mar - 14:30:28

    From the start There were only Two.

    Vato Loco and Taz from the VL... Later there was Hellscream (Yora)

    ( its been so long ago that I even forgot about Taz)

    After Many Years Taz was gone from Call of Duty.

    But he has return for blood and his rightful place in the Vatos Locos Bloodline.
    (Luis) VL_Taz has return.

    Yora_Sassin Vato_Loco89 & VL_Taz

    You Belong to the \VL\ and The /VL/ Belongs to You

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