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    Post  Guest on Fri 27 Mar - 20:23:31

    I know that it has been difficult in getting everyone to use this forum, but how often do you guys check it?
    If we begin to use it more frequently, I would be happy to assist in contributing on a daily basis.

    Likewise, have any of the members considered taking the clan to Killzone2? Chiefer and I both own it, but havent played much...we have been dedicated to COD. If some of you would like to start KZ2...maybe we can learn together.

    \CIC\ Yora_Sassin

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    Re: Questions?

    Post  \CIC\ Yora_Sassin on Fri 27 Mar - 21:30:50

    Great question.

    I'm here on my Forum ( uh humm ) OUR Forum everyday and i do check it as well.
    I dont know how I miss this post lol but i respond A.S.A.P just like my 2 Generals
    EvilEvoked Puff Da Magic Beaner.

    That game sounds really great n It be kewl to see the clan move to another game.
    But since it was Created back in Call of Duty Finest Hours.
    Its been mainly in just The Call of Duty Games..... But it still be kewl to play other games.

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    Re: Questions?

    Post  Guest on Fri 27 Mar - 23:41:39

    yeah man im pretty much on here everyday as well. its my homepage so im forced to fuckin look at it when i open up my web browser....

    any fuckin how...

    i think that killzone 2 looks like a pretty kick ass game. i played the first killzone for ps2 and liked the mp on it. if its anything like they say it is...then this new kz2 must be fuckin insane.

    so i wouldnt mind havin the VL murder in a new game..

    which also brings me i have represented the VL clan in other games as well to like Half Life team Fortress.

    laters Gangstas


    Re: Questions?

    Post  Guest on Sat 28 Mar - 10:18:31

    I know that you guys started with COD. I have played them all as well, even on PS2 along with SOCOM, Medal of Honor, and so forth. Other than Modern Warfare, this has been my favorite and taken most of my time. I wasnt online with COD4...and have only played multiplayer a couple of times since getting DSL again. I wouldnt mind playing it more, I just dont know any of the maps, and tend to get run over pretty fast. If you guys want to set something up playing it though, I wouldnt mine.

    KZ2 is phenominal...absolutely insane. The only reason Chiefer (MY LITTLE BROTHER) and I havent gone all out, is because we are afraid we will not easlily return to WAW.

    I thought it would be cool to represent the clan on another platform, but if you guys don't approve maybe we can just pick up a couple of games. In any event, it is totally worth the money, by far one of the better games ive seen.
    General of The \VL\ Arm Forces
    General of The \VL\ Arm Forces

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    Re: Questions?

    Post  EvilEvoked on Thu 2 Apr - 5:51:57

    I visit the site on a daily basis..

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    Re: Questions?

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