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    the light at the end of the tunnell is fading


    the light at the end of the tunnell is fading

    Post  Guest on Fri 13 Mar - 22:48:21

    CLAN MEMBERS.......

    it seems as tho our Clan Presidente, has reached his 10th and final prestige...

    and three of the clans best members,two of which are High Ranking Clan Generals...

    are reaching ever close to that same high prestige....so i have one question...

    wut are we gunna do next???

    i, for one, want to create a new screen name, strictly for certain aspects...

    ie., Kill Death Ratio
    Pretty Much Every Other Ratio There Is.

    So if anyone is to create a new username, please register that one on tha forum as well, thank you for your fuckin wasted time and good night.

    General of The \VL\ Arm Forces
    General of The \VL\ Arm Forces

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    Re: the light at the end of the tunnell is fading

    Post  EvilEvoked on Sun 15 Mar - 1:07:02

    I will continue playing, and complete all challenges and weapons. I shall simply murder more efficiently as I will then have every weapon at my disposal.. After that, we shall conquer Call of Duty 6: Modern Warfare 2.
    \CIC\ Yora_Sassin
    \CIC\ Yora_Sassin

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    Re: the light at the end of the tunnell is fading

    Post  \CIC\ Yora_Sassin on Tue 17 Mar - 7:32:47

    I agree.

    I took a lot of shots to cover for others mistakes (non member battles for points)
    Over all i dont think it was worth going all the way... at least not for me...
    Next game... I'll do it ones or twice but i dont think i wanna go further than that.

    Its a good idea to make a second screen name but only if u don't level him up on and on.
    simply because this second character will have all the weapons n all the perks.

    You wont have to worry about that in future battles..........

    You Belong to the \VL\ and The /VL/ Belongs to You

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    Re: the light at the end of the tunnell is fading

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