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    A Time To Kill....



    Whats your best time for Murder??

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    A Time To Kill....

    Post  Guest on Thu 5 Mar - 21:26:40

    As tha clan begins to grow, in strength and in size, i believe we should start to come together. We need to organize, but only the serious need apply. There are many other clans on COD and many of these clans gain recognition threw Clan Battles...

    It is Time....

    We all need to post wut days and times we are most available to play...we need to all get together, hopefully at tha same time at once. I know this is gonna be hard as we all live in different parts of the country and even world (mr pink). but we need to atleast make an attempt. And also to make the clan more superior to all is not only our masterful skills, but our knowledge of murder. We MUST, and i repeat MUST!!!! organize a strategy before we enter any team ranking match..

    If you have any problems with getting serious within the clan, then you can simply remove your tags and just play with us as nothing more than just aquaintances...

    Let the VL clan bring fear to all



    Post  Guest on Mon 16 Mar - 22:25:37

    I believe Puff is right we should challange other clans to do battle with, we need to figure out what is going to work with as many members as possible. I would be able to play any time during the weekend. - Chiefer007
    \CIC\ Yora_Sassin

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    Re: A Time To Kill....

    Post  \CIC\ Yora_Sassin on Tue 17 Mar - 7:18:45

    I agree but we still need more dedicated members n good ones as well...
    n we still need to work on our team work!!

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    Blue Eyed Terror
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    Re: A Time To Kill....

    Post  Blue Eyed Terror on Thu 23 Apr - 2:00:46

    Starting a clan is a hard thing to do...
    finding good players is also hard,
    but find players with a hearth for the clan is the hardest thing to do...

    it's not only about the game, players need to be dedicated to the clan and clanmembers.

    when the clan is doing wrong it's not the tops fault,
    maybe we didnt find dedicated players enough...

    and if i may say... some members i cant stand that when we do need to practise... the let you down by not replying or they just say they dont want to...

    well im sorry... but thats just wrong in my LALA-LAND...

    so you guyz, GO OUT THERE and find us some noobs who want to be a part of this clan , then we shall see if they fit in the game style of us...

    greetings from the land of weed.



    Re: A Time To Kill....

    Post  Guest on Thu 23 Apr - 11:51:12

    indeed. no one wants to practice.

    i wanna go to the land of weed....

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    Re: A Time To Kill....

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