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    The Clan's Poetic Justice

    \CIC\ Yora_Sassin
    \CIC\ Yora_Sassin

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    The Clan's Poetic Justice Empty The Clan's Poetic Justice

    Post  \CIC\ Yora_Sassin on Sun 1 Feb - 17:49:26

    Roses are White
    Violence is Great
    I'll shove my Gun
    Up your brown Eye

    Roses are Red
    Violets are Violet
    why in Fuck
    would you be a dumb ass
    and call them blue?
    Look at them Look!!


    You Belong to the \VL\ and The /VL/ Belongs to You

    The Clan's Poetic Justice Empty deathpoem

    Post  Guest on Fri 6 Feb - 22:18:29

    go ahead and run, to your escape.
    when really you run, to meet your fate.
    ill make it quick, youll feel no pain,
    ill let my shotgun, splatter ur brain Evil or Very Mad
    General of The \VL\ Arm Forces
    General of The \VL\ Arm Forces

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    The Clan's Poetic Justice Empty Re: The Clan's Poetic Justice

    Post  EvilEvoked on Mon 23 Feb - 18:05:00

    You shall rest in peril
    Like the thousands we've killed
    Tortured and suffered
    And Dead to This World

    From Death and Evil
    We reign supreme
    In here and in hell
    We'll destroy everything

    Death is Great
    Violence is Grand
    In Hell you shall Suffer
    At VL's right hand

    From the violence and rubble
    we shed death and destruction
    A commandment of battle
    yields casitulties of war
    And so it is set forth
    to conquer the world
    of enemy resistance
    that shall rise nevermore

    We fight with no remorse as we conquer this war
    and endless battle we fight for the score
    with pride and valor we step through the flames
    and as VL rises they shall honor our names

    How strong their weakness is
    A prevalence that shall be dismissed
    And so we enjoy this endless bliss
    of Murder and pain relinquished

    From Darkness we rise
    And the blood we will not wipe from their eyes
    Humanity shall know the true meaning of pain
    This world now your grave
    Fields of bodies with no names
    Out of sight and out of mind
    Forgotten and left to die
    In light of our scorn
    Their deaths shall not be mourned
    So let the red wine run
    and flood these planes
    burn out the day, bring in the night
    nothing but darkness in sight
    With loveless pain and endless blood stains
    we now end their lives
    this is our War
    Morality Officer First Class
    Morality Officer First Class

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    The Clan's Poetic Justice Empty blood drinkers

    Post  beast9175 on Wed 25 Feb - 20:10:20

    One a blood drinker.

    always a blood drinker.

    And if you don't like the sun.

    You are a blood drinker.

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    The Clan's Poetic Justice Empty Re: The Clan's Poetic Justice

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